People and objects: lifetime relationship. 2009

People and Objects: Lifetime relationship

new acquisitions of the Museum

edited by: Fotini Oikonomidou - Botsiou

Folklife & Ethnological Museum of Macedonia - Thrace, 2009


a catalogue accompanying an exhibition that payed tribute to everyone who donated objects to the Museum since its foundation.

In the exhibition were presented almost all objects donated to the Museum from the year 2003 to 2009. These objects were seen either as artifacts, part of the modern matterial culture or as a motive to examine the relationship that takes place between human and matterial. People were interviwed by the museum staff answering why did they think these objects should belong to the museum collection and how did they feel about that. The visitors were also asked what they thought should remain from ourdays to the museum of the future. 



You can download the index of the book here (in Greek)