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Wheat-bread, 1986, 1987-1988


For children aged 7-8
This programme was part of a sequence of four programmes (the other three were: ‘Traditional Weaving', ‘Traditional Team Games' and ‘Our own Museum'), held during the period 1986-1989.

The basic intention was as follows: The children participating in the ‘wheat or weaving' programmes - both held at the same time - should also participate in the ‘Traditional Team Games' and ‘Our own Museum' programmes which followed them. In other words, all the children should take part in three of the four programmes. None of the programmes, of course, excluded children taking part for the first time. The purpose was to record the children's reactions from one to another programme (three programmes).


Location: Folklife and Ethnological Museum

Purpose: acquainting the children with aspects and values of our traditional culture and making them more aware of their cultural heritage

Objectivesteaching children about how wheat was grown in the traditional community and how it was turned into flour to make bread; familiarizing children with stages in the process using pre-industrial technology (tools and early machinery)

The programme was linked to the temporary exhibition staged by the Museum ‘Wheat, Olive Oil, Wool: Production and Processing in Skyros'.

A few words about the programme: Through the models made by D. Mathiou the children were shown the phases in wheat production (ploughing, sowing, harvest, threshing, sorting and transport of grain to the mill), the grinding of the wheat by hand or in the watermill or windmill, the making of dough, kneading and baking of bread. Using word games and games of observation, cartoons, little dramas, constructions and plasticine model-making, assemblies, painting and music, the children become able to understand the ‘transformations' of wheat from seed to bread.
Implementation: Foteini Oikonomidou-Botsiou,
Chrysoula Gouda

Planning:Foteini Oikonomidou-Botsiou


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