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What is a Museum? 1984

For children aged 11-12 (experimental scheme with fifth grade children of Evkarpia School, Thessaloniki)
The programme was organized, at the suggestion of the Folklife and Ethnological Museum, by the Employees Association of the Ministry of Culture, N. Greece, and represented a collaboration between the Museum, the Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum and the 9th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities.  

Duration: 3 hours a day, twice a week over four months; total time: 24 hours

Location εφαρμογής: School, Folklife and Ethnological Museum, Archaeological Museum, archaeological sites and Byzantine churches

Purpose:familiarizing the children with the concept of the museum (understanding its role - historical, social and educational) and making them aware of our cultural heritage

Objectives: introducing the children to the museum generally and its activities (collections: gathering, documenting, storing, conserving, publicizing: exhibiting, publications, education programmes)  

The programme is designed on a work plan focusing on historical museums.

A few words about the programme: The children were introduced to the Folklife and Ethnological Museum, the Thessaloniki Archaeological Museum and the 9th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities, meeting expert folklorists and archaeologists, finding out - through portable items and buildings - about the prehistoric, classical, Byzantine and more recent history and learning to appreciate the importance of the past to the present day.  
By meeting experts in the field the children learned about the difficult and vital work of conservation and safekeeping of our cultural wealth. The children, teachers and researchers enjoyed a highly productive collaboration, involving craft activities, visits to storage rooms and conservation workshops at the museums, as well as archaeological sites in Thessaloniki.  

Implementation: Foteini Oikonomidou-Botsiou, Victoria Nikita-Chouliara, Niki Kapizioni

Planning: Foteini Oikonomidou-Botsiou, Victoria Nikita-Chouliara 

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