The permanent exhibitions of FEMM-Th focuses on basic needs of human society of food, shelter and clothing. Today two permanent exhibitions are displayed at the Museum.
The first of these exhibitions, 'At the Watermills of Macedonia and Thrace: Gristmills, Sawmills, Fulling Mills, Cloth-finishing Waterfalls in Traditional Society', which serves as an introduction to the next three thematic units, is regarding the pre-industrial technology and the exploitation of water as source of energy for the grinding of grain, the ripping of logs and the pounding of woollen clothes. This exhibition links and heralds the exhibitions to follow.
The second permanent exhibition 'Macedonia-Thrace: Traditional Costumes, 1860-1960', which has been inaugurated in 2005, includes 55 costumes from Macedonia and Thrace as well as from the historically confirmed extensions of Greece's northerly territories (Northern Macedonia, Eastern Thrace, Eastern Ru-melia, the Black Sea littoral and Asia Minor) that were inhabited by cohesive substantial communities conscious of their Greek origin.
The exhibitions for the food and shelter are currently under preparation.


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